How to Join Us

Fife RAYNET is always looking for new volunteers. If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you.

You do not require an Amateur Radio Licence (Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced) but this may prove to be invaluable.

If you would like more information, please contact our Group Controller.

Our Licence allows us to provide communications for a User Service.

User Services could be, British Red Cross, St Andrews First Aid, Police, Emergency Planning, Ambulance, etc.

Can I attend as an Observer at Events?

Yes! Please contact our Group Controller.

Can I attend other RAYNET events in Scotland?

Yes! Please make contact with the Controller of the organising group.

So, RAYNET members do not provide First Aid cover?

Many of our members are qualified first aiders, and of course no-one would watch someone get injured and refuse to help – but first aid isn’t what we’re there for, and isn’t covered under RAYNET’s Public Liability Insurance.

And RAYNET members are not Traffic Marshals?

We’re not trained to do it, and we’re not covered by either public liability or personal accident insurance when we do.